Fly Bye Wrap - Natural Fly Repellent for Miniature Horses & Donkeys

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Avoid flies, bot eggs, pesky insects. Reduce anxiety and stress. Stop the stomping which causes hoof damage and leg injuries.

  • Natural alternative to chemicals
  • Protects against flies, bot eggs, and other insects
  • Decreases stomping and anxiety
  • Decreases joint irritation & hoof cracks that can result from constant stomping
  • Plenty of airflow (loose fitting)

Made with a mesh that allows airflow but prevents biting flies from penetrating. Secured with velcro.

Each package contains 4 wraps. Two 6.25" for front and two 7.25" for back.

[8.25" bottom circumference - 9.75" top circumference]

Fly protection & fly control.

Customer Reviews

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Fly Bye Wrap - Natural Fly Repellent for Miniature Horses & Donkeys

Lisa Reed
Love this product.

I have never seen this in a store. It has been an amazing product.

Judy Pongratz
Fly wrap

I got them at a discount but haven't used them yet since it's not fly season.
I'm excited to use the next summer on my miniature donkeys!

Shelly Williams
Fly Bye

Excellent product. Gave my donkeys immediate relief. Shipping was unbelievably fast.👍👍

Mary Austin
Fabulous Fly Bye Wraps

Anyone who has donkeys knows how flies can ravage their legs in no time. These wraps comfortably provide effective protection against the flies. Comfortably is the key word. We have had wraps that caused sore rubs on donkey legs, which defeated the purpose of protective gear, but thankfully these do not do that. Hope you keep them in stock. I highly recommend FlyByeWraps!

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