Jacked Up Salsa

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Kick Like A Mule

Mango ~ Pineapple ~ Habanero Salsa

Flavor sensation right here! Add to tacos and burritos or get a little crazy and use this as the base for a yummy Hawaiian pizza!


Chompin' At The Bit

Avocado Tomatillo Salsa

Finally, a gentle refreshing tangy summer salsa without all the spice. A nice cool, mild option. Great on wraps and salads. 


Farm Fresh

Black Bean & Corn Salsa

A hearty & robust salsa containing a mix of flavors and textures. Great with tortilla chips or a big plate of Nachos or use it in your recipes and soups (makes a great Taco Soup)


Ridiculously Hot!

Scorpion Pepper + Jalapeño Salsa

Y'all...this has a 2 million Scoville rating! It's Tangy, but mostly it's HOT! We've not had anyone yet say they can eat it straight...you know, just on chips. BUT, throw a dollop in your bowl of chili or any other recipe (even on salad) and get an amazing kick sensation.

Customer Reviews

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Roxie Richards
Jacked up salsa

Delicious! I made pizza with it and loved it!!!

April Roark
So good

Absolutely love the flavor . Will order again

Shelly Williams
Jacked Up Salsa

This salsa is so flavorful. I love it. But it is not for the faint of heart. It is HOT!!!

Carey Hoff

We love this salsa! My husband says it's some of the best he has ever had. Making another order soon!

Ridiculously HOT

Absolutely love the Scorpion Pepper/ Jalapeno Salsa. Flavors beans, meats and veggies just wonderfully.

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