Our Story

Our business begin small (very small) in 2013 out of our own search for halters to fit our miniature donkeys. After much frustration finding halters to actually fit, our good friends Lee and Sandy started making them for us. They were perfect! When others saw our halters they had to know where they came from. It wasn't long before Lee and Sandy had a little following of happy customers and we all decided it was time to add lead ropes. As a joint effort four of us joined forces, created a website and a small business was launched. Fast forward 4 years...the little business outgrew the sewing room and dining room table! We have now moved into a 'warehouse' and continue to grow. We are adding new colors and options! Great fit and comfort is our number one priority. We hope you like our product.

We are proud to offer these beautiful and comfortable halters and lead ropes made especially for miniature donkeys and horses.

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